“Seek ye first His Kingdom and his righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you”

Matthew 6:33

My life, my talent, my money, my dreams, my family, the lists goes on and on. The psalmist in Psalm 24:1 says, ‘The earth is the Lord and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it’, God owns it all! We forget we don’t own anything; everything belongs to God. If you lack this mindset, God becomes a genie in your life, not your master. We forget, He doesn’t serve us, rather, we serve Him.

The message of the gospel is never about what we can get from God; it is about what Christ did on the cross for us, a debt that cannot be paid (John 3:16).

This reminds me of rich young ruler in Mark 10: 17-31, who thought he had everything, but lacked everything. The rich young ruler followed all God’s precepts “Do not murder, do not steal, and so on, but he refused to give up all his possessions to follow Him. The young ruler was caught up in being fulfilled with temporary happiness rather than experience Eternal Joy. We must be willing to deny ourselves, seek God in everything for our lives, and God will do the rest.

I challenge you to GO HIGHER WITH GOD by seeking Him first. Gone are the days of complacency. 2020 Go HIGHER, focus on God. So how do we experience God on HIGHER level? The way to experience Him is through prayer. Whatever level you seek God on you will find Him. We must make a conscious decision to seek God daily. He wants us to put His will far above our ambitions in life. God wants to be our first love. GO HIGHER WITH GOD.